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Susie Burke & David Surette Sometimes in the Evening (2000, CD)
Although they've collaborated before on their solo releases and have performed extensively together for over ten years, this new recording is their first full-fledged duo release. It also represents some of their finest work to date, with a choice selection of songs that is representative of Burke and Surette's diverse and dynamic live performances. Susie's strength as an interpreter of songs is evident here, both in her choice of top-quality material and in her ability to effectively deliver each performance. David's skills as both a fingerstyle and a flatpicking guitarist are put to good use, as is his prowess and versatility on the mandolin. When paired with Susie's vocals and guitar, the duo achieve a remarkable level of musical interplay and synergy.
Additional musical help is provided by a supporting cast of some of New England's finest: Kent Allyn on bass and piano, Pete Sutherland on fiddle, Jeremiah McLane on accordion, Ray Brunelle on drums, and Rick Watson on organ, along with backup vocals from Cosy Sheridan, Kent Allyn, and Rick Watson.
The Boston Globe's Scott Alarik calls it "as lovely, friendly, and full of splendid songs as their concerts have always been", while the Portsmouth Herald's Alan Chase writes that "this CD is a superb document of the music of this talented duo.”
Sometimes in the Evening track listing
All That You Ask Me
When the Night Bird Sings
Reap What You Sow
Medina County
Blue On Monday
The Seed
Rock Salt & Nails
What You Do With What You’ve Got
Mississippi Serenade
Healing In This Night
Vieni Sul Mar


Rodney Miller & David Surette New Leaf (2000, CD)
With New Leaf, Rodney Miller and David Surette offer a dazzling musical window into the rich and varied New England contradance music tradition. As a duo they apply virtuosity, innovation, imagination and good humor to a traditional sound rooted in the Celtic and French-Canadian-influenced fiddle music of New England. Yet on New Leaf they also range further afield to include music from the Shetland Isles and northern Italy, as well as arrangements that betray more contemporary influences.
The stripped-down duo format provides ample room for each instrument to shine, as Miller’s fiddle is matched by Surette’s guitar, bouzouki, and mandolin. Fiddler Magazine mentions the “empathy and keen sensitivity between the players as they explore the nuances of the tunes with inventive and always interesting arrangements”, while England’s Folk Roots notes that “Miller and Surette’s unison playing is at times quite astonishing.”
New Leaf track listing
Hornpipes: Arthur Seat/Eugene Stratton/Madame Neruda
Auld Snatwell
Princess Reel/Pacific Slope/Marcel Martin
Flowin’ Water
Red Sunset Waltz
Shadows on the Lawn/Cunla/The Brae Reel
Clogs: Statue/Nightingale/Great Western/Lady Templeton’s
Poor Old Woman/Ned Kendall’s/Levi Beaulieu
Italian Gigues (Monferrine)
Da Wedding March from Unst/Da Auld Foula Reel
Caber Fey/Island Ferry/Wild Irish Reel
Wayne Merrill’s Jig/Courtesan’s Jig
Frisco Waltz
Evit Gabriel


Airdance (2000, CD)
Airdance is both the name of this recording and the name of a great new contra dance band. Featuring Rodney Miller on fiddle and David Surette on guitar, mandolin, and bouzouki, the band also includes Mary Cay Brass on piano and accordion, Stuart Kenney on bass, and Sam Zucchini on drums and percussion. Their sound is based around the traditional jigs, reels, and waltzes that make up the bulk of the New England contra dance tradition, but also introduces contemporary rhythms and grooves, as well as using the tunes as starting points for improvisation. “It’s extremely rare to find a band that can make dance music so great to listen to without losing some danceability, and this lot succeed wonderfully.” (Folk Roots)

Airdance track listing
Gypsy Stomp/In Walked Bud
Ronde des Voyageurs/Reel de Montebello/Homage a Edmond Parizeau
Rambling Pitchfork/Four Courts/Salvation
Kilcommon/The Volunteer
All That You Ask Me
Morning Star/Paddy Fahy’s/Alex Menzie’s
Fred Bartell/Jigjazz
Da Trowy Burn/Da Crofter’s Wife/Da Fisher’s Foy/Da Bonxie
Behind the Haystack/Darla’s Jig/Myra’s Jig
Pigeon on the Gate/Racine LeBeau/Punter’s Graveyard
Forvanten/Elain’s Hambo
Patty’s Journey Home/Ice on the Water
Heather McCarthy/Lament for the Tobacco Valley/Road to Atlanta


David Surette Trip to Kemper (1996, CD/cass)
Surette’s Celtic solo guitar material has been acclaimed in the acoustic guitar world, with his playing compared favorably with influential greats such as John Renbourn and Pierre Bensusan. This all-instrumental, all solo guitar disc is made up of first-rate arrangements of traditional tunes from Ireland, Brittany, France, and New England, along with several of Surette’s own traditionally-influenced compositions. “His technique is impeccable,” writes Acoustic Guitar, “and his touch and phrasing are immediately recognizable."
Trip to Kemper track listing
Trip to Kemper
Marche de Glomel/Gavotte Montagne
Paddy Fahy’s Reel
En Dro/Morrison’s Jig
Suite Celtique
Fireplace Polka
Lament for Owen Roe O’Neill
Traditional Medley
Fanny Power
Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore


Susie Burke Sweet Potatoes (1993, CD/cass)
Along with her “adult” song repertoire, Susie has an extensive and varied children’s songbag, into which she dips for Sweet Potatoes, her children’s recording. Her warm and lovely voice shines on a great selection of old and new favorites, including many from her popular kids’ concerts and school performances. Produced and recorded with the same attention to detail that mark her other recordings, this is one kids’ album that holds up to repeated listenings.

Sweet Potatoes track listing
Save Some Trees
The Volcano Song
Most Valuable Player
Sweet Potatoes
Howard Gray
Long Way Home
Right Field
I Am A Pizza
Dear Mr. President
All of Us
Rainbow Connection


David Surette Back Roads (1993, CD)
Whereas Trip to Kemper features David’s solo guitar exclusively, Back Roads provides a fuller picture of his variety and versatility, still within a primarily traditional Celtic format. Solo guitar pieces alternate with arrangements for duos and trios, featuring guitar, mandolin, or bouzouki, but also adding some instrumental assistance on flute, fiddle, accordion, bouzouki, and keyboards. “A debut recording of the first order.” (Sing Out )

Back Roads track listing
Chorus Jig
Road to Kerrigouarch/The Horse’s Brawl
The Month of January/Mug of Brown Ale/The Handsome Young Maidens
O’Carolan’s Draught
Gamble’s Tune
Down the Brae
Reel de Jules Verret/Opera Reel
Valse des Pastouriaux/Soir et Matin
Coast to Coast
Campbell’s Farewell to Red Gap/Speed the Plow
Da Slockit Light
My Love, I Miss Her So/Erin’s Fancy
Lady de Nantes/Cat in the Hopper/Rock Valley
Trip to Dumpster
The Belle of Newcastle


Susie Burke Lucky Stars (1990, CD)
Susie’s recording debut features several songs that have been audience favorites for years, including her lovely and definitive version of “Angels” and a striking rendition of “Song of Bernadette”. Her versatility and emotional depth as a singer are amply demonstrated throughout, and the tasteful production provides accompaniment while putting her vocals front and center. A number of fine musicians are on hand as support, including longtime performing partner David Surette and sideman extraordinaire Kent Allyn. “She possesses one of the finest, purest ballad sopranos heard in folk music today. Her phrasing is unerringly devoted to the lyric.” (Boston Globe)

Lucky Stars track listing
Song of Bernadette
Make Room For Me
Who Walks In
A Sailor’s Prayer
Goodbye, So Long
Will You Come Home
Nobody But You
Rhumba Woman
Lucky Stars
Goodnight Ladies



David Surette Down the Brae (1996, book/CD)
Down the Brae features music and tablature for twenty tunes, along with some descriptive notes and a CD. The music on the disc is drawn from David’s two Madrina solo releases, roughly half each. These are actual album versions, not slowed-down teaching pieces, so the disc is nice for listening as well as a valuable tool for learning the material. Several alternate tunings are featured prominently, especially DADGAD.
Down the Brae track listing
1) Road to Kerrigouarch/The Horse’s Brawl
2) The Month of January/Mug of Brown Ale/The Handsome Young Maidens
3) O’Carolan’s Draught
4) Morbihan
5) Gamble’s Tune
6) Down the Brae
7) Da Slockit Light
8) The Belle of Newcastle
9) Paddy Fahy’s Reel
10) Lament for Owen Roe O’Neill
11) Morrison’s Jig
12) Ridees
13) Schottische
14) Marche de Glomel/Gavotte Montagne
15) Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
16) Fanny Power

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