Susie Burke & David Surette

New album "Waiting for the Sun" available now

2:00 pm14:00

Lakeview House Concerts

Sunday April 30 Lakeview House Concerts, Sharon MA
2:00 pm concert; Call 508-528-0026 or email for more info
Apr 9

Mandolin & Guitar Camp North

April 7-9 Mandolin & Guitar Camp North Susie and David will both be on staff this year, usually the first outdoor picking of the season for us!
7:30 pm19:30

March Mandolin Festival Concert

Saturday March 4 March Mandolin Festival concert
featuring Carlo Aonzo, Tim Connell, Steve Roy, and David Surette, with special guest Susie Burke. Concord Community Music School, 23 Wall St. Concord NH 7:30pm Admission included for Festival participants; general admission tickets for others available through the Music School ( or 603-228-1196).
7:00 pm19:00

March Mandolin Festival Concert

Friday March 3March Mandolin Festival concert
featuring Carlo Aonzo, Tim Connell, Steve Roy, and David Surette, with special guest Susie Burke.
Stone Church Music Club, Zion’s Hill, Newmarket,, 603-659-7700 or 603-659-6321 for more info
This is a separate ticket from Saturday and Sunday events at the Concord Community Music School
8:00 pm20:00

Portsmouth Book & Bar

40 Pleasant St. Portsmouth NH 03801 8:00pm 
One of our favorite local gigs; oh yeah, great food, coffee, drinks, and books, too.
Portsmouth Book & Bar603.427.9197


Nov 13

Camp Backup, Hancock NH

Camp Backup, Sargent Conference and Nature Center, Hancock NH  This camp is hosted by Skip Gorman, and focuses on various styles of accompaniment ("backup"), both instrumental and vocal. Both Susie and David are really looking forward to returning for the camp's second year. This year, there will also be a full staff concert Friday night, open to the public, which will take place in Peterborough's Bass Hall.

12:00 pm12:00

Bach's Lunch Concert (Susie & David with Skip Gorman)

"Along the Crooked Road: Songs and Tunes From the Old World to the New" Concord Community Music School, 23 Wall St. Concord NH.  We are looking forward, as always, to sharing music with our old trail buddy Skip. This program of music focusing on the transitions and transformations of folk music as it moved from the Old World to the New is part of a year-long theme of presentations at CCMS Bach's Lunches, titled "Musical Migrations". Bring your sandwiches, and we'll see you there.

Nov 6

Fiddle Hell, Westford MA

November 4-6, Westford Regency Inn, 219 Littleton Road, Westford, MA  David will be part of the entire weekend, teaching mandolin and guitar accompaniment, and Susie will also be presenting a "Singing For the Joy of it" workshop Friday afternoon.

8:00 pm20:00

Me & Thee Coffeehouse (split bill with the amazing Lula Wiles)

  • Me & Thee Coffeehouse

We are thrilled to be sharing the night with the superb young string band Lula Wiles, featuring Ellie Buckland, Mali Obomsawin, and our own daughter Isa Burke! Each group will play a full set, with some collaboration on both halves of the show. We may even be able to corral Julianna Burke to come down and sing like a lovely nightingale as well. A show not to miss!

Me & Thee Coffeehouse 28 Mugford St. Marblehead MA (781) 631-8987 |

8:00 pm20:00

Susie & David summer celebration at the Book & Bar

  • Portsmouth Book & Bar

We are coming back to one of our favorite local spots to play. It's been a challenging summer, and we want to make this a celebration of keepin' on! So come on out and help us touch your soul and lift your spirits. Oh yeah, great food, coffee, drinks, and books, too.

Portsmouth Book & Bar

40 Pleasant St
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Aug 19

Maine Fiddle Camp

Susie and David are back for another summer week at this camp, which has been a big part of our family musical life for over 10 years. Classes in all sorts of instruments and singing too, not just for fiddles! Concerts, dances, jams, and loads of fun in a rustic camp setting.

Jul 16

Summer Acoustic Music Week

  • Geneva Point Center

Susie and David will again be part of this great week of music on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, produced by WUMB-FM in Boston. Susie will be leading vocal classes, and David will be teaching guitar and mandolin.

7:00 pm19:00

Sunapee Livery Concert Series

We are looking forward to being a part of this new summer concert series, a joint effort between the Sunapee Coffeehouse and Sunapee Heritage Alliance. This recently renovated venue is located on Main St. in Sunapee Harbor, NH.

Jul 2

BACDS American Dance & Music Week

  • Jones Gulch YMCA Camp, La Honda, CA

Susie and David are both on staff at this great dance week, our first time there! David will be playing with Rodney Miller & the Stringrays and teaching workshops, while Susie will be leading all sorts of singing!